Yoga En Akumal

Yoga en AkumalThe Yoga en Akumal studio has more than 20 years of tradition and prestige and  is considered an emblematic part of the Akumal community.

Our warm, light, and prana-filled space is home to a community of practitioners, as well as a welcome addition to many visitors’ holiday experience.

About the practice…

Yoga like nowhere else! We practice conscious breathing techniques aimed at expanding and directing our own vital energy (pranayama).  We create open spaces in the physical body through sequences of postures with an emphasis on alignment (asana).  Also developed are techniques for physical , mental, and emotional detoxification (kriya).  We integrate the use of bhandas and mudras , the powerful chant of mantras, as a catalyst ingredient to explore deep in ourselves with devotion, bliss, and gratitude.

No previous experience needed. Explore as deeply as you want!  Intentions are set by each student or practitioner. Yoga never asks one to believe in anything except our own experience.

Location & Rates…

YOGA EN AKUMAL studio is located right at the entrance arch, upstairs on the balcony above Las Casitas reception.  We consider it a living creature, an extension of us and our temple! We are well stocked with props and tools of yoga.

We are located right at the entrance arch, upstairs on the balcony above Las Casitas reception. Join us!

  • 1 class : $200 pesos or $15 usd
  • 4 classes : $600 pesos or $45 usd
  • 8 classes : $800 pesos or $60 usd
  • 16 classes : $1,000 pesos or $85 usd
  • 20 classes : $1,200 pesos or $100 usd

You have 30 days to use your classes from the day that you acquire your pack.

We are also available for private yoga sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or request.  Namaste!



Sofía Velázquez Islas

52 + (984) 876 2652

[email protected]

Facebook: Santa Sofia



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Facebook: Yoga en Akumal

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