¡Tierra Despierta!

Young Mexican artists united to raise awareness about the environmental issues  in Quintana Roo’s underground flooded cave systems  due to the poor sewage treatments in hotels and pueblos and unconscious tourism. This short film narrates the story of how our mother Earth, in the blink of an eye, loses her sister Sujuy-Ha (water). Now she lives thirsty, grieving her, hoping to wake one day from the worst nightmare of her life.

¡Help spread the message! 🍃  👁 Everything is connected, be aware of it. With every little action, we impact the world. That’s why we create conscious content to connect with you.

By @concon.mx @anticafilms
Directed by: Javier Roqueñi @soyroqueni y Joako Bornao. @itsyaseadog
Produced by: Julen Garrido. @gandalf_el_guero
— thanks Gabi

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