Dragmar Khentrul Rinpoche visits Akumal

Dragmar Khentrul RinpocheStarting Sunday May 24th and Dragmar Khentrul Rinpoche, master of Tibetan Yoga, will be doing a series of events.

Dragmar Khentrul Rinpoche is coming for the first time to the Riviera Maya. He is considered one of the top teachers of Tibetan Yoga, capable of transmitting the deepest and best kept secrets of this ancient discipline. Until very recently these “secret” teachings were only open to the master’s disciples, not the public. He will be sharing these secrets as he guides people through meditative and cognitive practices that promote spiritual development.

“There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.” -Shakyamuni Buddha

Below are the events:

Sunday, May 24th. The first event will be a Purification ceremony for the Riviera Maya held on Akumal Beach. The event starts at 5pm and is free. If you want to know what this guy is all about, then this is a good start to see if  you are intrigued enough to attend more events. It is free.

Tuesday, May 26th. Dragmar will host a 21 Taras teaching at TAO Wellness Center. This is an all day affair (10am-6pm) of empowerment, teaching, and practice culminating with “Tummo” (Inner Yoga). $1200 peso donation.*

Wednesday, May 27th. Similar layout to the prior event, but this one is based on the 21 Dzambhalas (Prosperity), also at TAO Wellness Center. An all day affair (10am-6pm) of empowerment, teaching, and practice culminating with “Tummo” (Inner Yoga). $1200 peso donation.*

Thursday, May 28th. Animal Liberation and Fire Ceremony on Akumal Beach. The event starts at 5pm. Free.

Friday, May 29th – Sunday, May 31st. 2.5 day yoga Retreat at TAO Wellness Center with a focus on Tummo which is a special form of controlled breathing.  May 29 (3pm-6pm), May 30 (10am-6pm), May 31 (10am-6pm).  $2500 peso donation.*

For more information call (984) 100-5097 or view the Facebook Event

*Donations are intended for the monastery and the local Yaxche community to improve their quality of life.
Source Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1613613332213777

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