Comings & Goings

co&go logoThere are still plenty of comings & goings around town —


Bente Palmer returned to The Reef for a visit

Nance Walker  and friend Sue returned to Seven Seas

Debby Entwistle was at home in Casa Cielo

Nancy Poor and friends and family spent some time in Casa Romero

Dave Zucker and Dan Freeman are back from Philly after Dan’s successful surgery

Beryl and Suzanne and Nico returned to Yal Ku Cai

Peggy and Mike Stone were at home at La Iguana

Tom and Judy Baxter returned to their home in Canada

Jody and Larry Allen with family and friends  were at Playa Caribe

Linda Morgan with friends at Casa Esperanza

Susan and Joel Fritz were at home in Casa Zama

Don Eischen returned to The Reef

Marcus and Micaela Vargas were here for a week on their way to dive in Sudan; then they’re back for the duration!

Susie and Paul Alex are back for some months



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