Turtle Nesting Stats & Update

Turtle Season 2015 is off to a great start!  The CEA Tortuga Team 2015 is out on the beaches day and night to ensure a safe and welcome area for the turtles to successfully nest. We as guests in their home – “Akumal-Place of Turtles” – need to ensure we  follow the guidelines from CEA to do our part to help protect the magnificent creatures.

turtle going out to sea

Centro Ecológico Akumal Boletín de Anidación de Tortuga                                                                                         CEA Turtle Nesting Update

Akumal South (Akumal Sur) 5
Akumal Bay (Bahia Akumal) 8
Half Moon Bay (Media Luna) 10
Jade Bay (Playa Tortuga) 19                                                                                                                                                                   TOTAL 42


We as guests in their home – “Akumal-Place of Turtles”  need to ensure we  follow the guidelines from CEA to do our part to help protect the magnificent creatures.   Remember, our turtles are protected by Federal law-Article 420 BIS of the Federal Criminal Code, which states:
It is a crime to bother, touch or interfere in any way with the natural processes of the adults’ ascent onto the beach, or  the depositing of eggs; or with the hatchlings’ development in the nest, emergence from their eggs, or return to the sea.
It is serious violation to offer or sell turtle eggs, meat, or products made from the shell. 

When encountering trained, authorized technicians (tortugueros) of CEA, follow their instructions. They are working under federal permit and they will alert authorities when infractions occur.

• Avoid walking on the beach from 9PM to 5AM.
• If encountering a turtle, do NOT approach—alert security or a CEA team member.  Mothers do come up close to the houses to nest sometimes.
• When hatchlings are noted—do NOT touch them. Keep your distance and alert security or CEA.
• Keep pets inside at night and on leash at all times.
• Don’t use flash photography.
• Only use flashlights with red filters.

• Never touch the turtles, hatchlings, or nests.
• Turn off unnecessary outdoor lighting at dusk — owners should use filtered light bulbs for outdoor fixtures. 

• Keep blinds/draperies closed– bright lighting discourages nesting turtles and can disorient hatchlings making their way to sea.
• Keep noise level low so as not to disturb nesting mothers.
• Obey any requests or direction of CEA trained, authorized personnel
• Bring beach furniture and sports items up close to the building so turtles don’t get entangled.

Let’s keep our girls happy so they come back for years and years to come!

Thank you!


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  1. Why is “Aventuras Akumal” ALWAYS left out?

    Aventuras Akumal was also NOT included in the beach clean-up.

    We have MANY turtle nests on Aventuras Akumal beach.

    What’s the problem?????

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