Want more/less frequent news updates?

How do I get newsletter updates more/less frequently??

Great Question! The AkumalNow newsletter is available in three formats.

  • Realtime Update – If you want to be in the know, this is the way to get things hot off the press. Each morning the system looks for new articles and sends you an update of the prior days activity. If no articles are written, then no email is sent.
  • Weekly Digest – This option will send you an email once a week with a summary of the articles written in the last week. If no articles are written, then no email is sent.
  • Monthly Newsletter – For those that want minimal email, but want to stay in the loop, the monthly newsletter may be for you. Once a month an email will be sent with all articles written in the last month.

Do I need to subscribe to all three?

Heavens no, not unless you just can’t get enough of AkumalNow (which is fine with us).  The content provided in each format is the same, the only difference is the frequency in which you receive the information.  Most people will subscribe to only one list.

I came from The Akumalian, what am I signed up as?

All subscribers of The Akumalian were imported with the Monthly Newsletter option.  The Akumalian was a monthly newsletter so we thought this was appropriate.  There were some issues in bringing over all contacts from The Akumalian, so if you were missed, please use the subscription box on the bottom right of our home page to subscribe.

How do I change my subscription option?

At the bottom of each newsletter is a link to “Edit your subscription.”  Click this link to go to the Subscription Confirmation page. Here you can select the frequency you desire and click “Save.”