Advertise in AkumalNow

Want to advertise in AkumalNow? Great!

AkumalNow is run by volunteers who really love our community. Unfortunately all the tech that goes into this newsletter is not free. We have bills for domain services, web hosting, email hosting, technical consulting, web design, newsletter subscriptions…the list goes on.

Businesses that advertise in AkumalNow gain two wonderful benefits:

  1. Exposure to our worldwide audience of regular readers. Many either live in or frequent the Riviera Maya.
  2. Great feeling that you are helping support a community news publication.

How does advertising work?

We have an advertising section prominently placed on our home page and all of our article pages. This advertising section has room to display four advertisements at a time.

Each advertisement is a 125 x 125 pixel image. Most any image editing tool will allow you to compose an image this size so you can create the perfect ad. Your advertisement will link to the web page of your choice. This means that when prospects clicks on your ad, they are directed to your page. If you do not have a suitable web page, but would like to provide additional information for your advertisement, then we can create a page to host this information for you. You will provide the content.

AkumalNow will accept up to eight advertisers at a time. The advertisements will rotate randomly. If all eight ads are sold for a particular period, then your ad should show on approximately 50% of the pages displayed. Since the average reader will read multiple articles and the ads refresh with each page view, there is a very good chance that your ad will be shown to most of our readers. We can make no promises of exact number of page views and cannot commit to anything other than trying our best to have your ad show as fairly as the other ads.

If we have less than eight advertisers, then there is a chance your ad will be shown on all page views. If that happens, good for you! Our pricing is based on all eight slots being sold, with no extra charge if less are sold.

Bonus Advertisement

As a free bonus, we will post your advertisement on our Facebook Timeline when your paid ad goes live on our site.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We utilize PayPal which accepts payments using major credit cards.

Is there a deadline for the ads? How quickly can I get one up and running?

There is no deadline for the advertisements. Ads are purchased in 30 day slots.

You must submit the ad to us for review and approval. Once approved we will accept payment and set ad to start. Ads will start shortly after payment is accepted. Due to the limited number of slots, advertisements cannot be scheduled to start at a future date. If you would like your ad present at a future time you can either: a) contact us at that time and see if we have a slot available or b) purchase an ad to start now and run through that future date.

How much do ads cost?

  • $25 USD for 30 days
  • $125 USD for 6 months (17% discount)
  • $200 USD for 1 year (33% discount)
  • $5 service charge for custom web page hosting*

* As noted earlier in this article, your advertisement can link to a web site of your choice to provide your prospects more information about your offering. If you do not have a suitable page to direct them to, we can create a web page with the content you provide and link your ad to this page. The $5 charge only applies if you need this custom page. This is a one time charge per advertisement, not a recurring monthly charge.

How do I get started?

Send an email to sales at