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New Entrance to Akumal Bay

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Entry is free to residents of Q.Roo who have official government-issued ID.  [Use your INAPAM card for free entry plus a bracelet that lets you use the baños!]   Non-residents of Quintana Roo are being charged $5usd or $100mx to enter Akumal Bay through the old CEA building.  Property owners who enter Mexico on a tourist visa are not considered residents and must pay.  Hours for entry are 9am to 5pm.

David Ortiz Mena, who is an officer of the Akumal hotel owners organization, explained that there are lifeguards, showers, bathrooms, and lockers available to tourists, and these all come with a price.   “I think it is important to note that there is a scheme in place where Quintana Roo residents can enter freely and tourists can be given a quality and sustainable service,” said Ortiz Mena in an article that appeared in Riviera Maya News.



Not new, but a timely reminder:  When you’re stopped for a driving infraction – real or imaginary . . . –  hold out your hand to the tránsito officer and ask for the ticket.  If paid promptly, there are discounts.  And it’s more than possible that you won’t be issued a citation.  Just sayin’ . . .


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!


  1. Your comment next to the picture of the tow truck are either naïve or misleading (intentionally or otherwise). When I was stopped there about 4 years ago, the police wanted $300 US or they would take my license plate. I showed them my wallet (which was intentionally set up this way based upon warnings from other travelers) with $135 US (2-50’s a 20, 10 and a 5). After about 15 minutes of threats and other unpleasant talk, they took all of the $135 and let me go. Very ugly, and one of the reasons we no longer return to Riviera Maya which had been our destination for 12 of 13 consecutive years.

    • Well, Dave, I’m neither naïve nor intentionally or otherwise misleading — though thanks for giving the benefit of a doubt. It happened just as I said: the cop mentioned a ticket, I held out my hand and said give me the ticket. No bribe was paid.


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