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Asociación de Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.

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Mexican Land Line: 984-875-9096 Mexican Cell: 984-177-5709
USA Phone: 302-526-7407


Recently I met with the Director of CEA and the government representative in charge of the CERO Recycle Program. Given the amount of trash we are accumulating daily without a proper disposal system, you can understand the importance of all of us joining. The trash tonnage thrown into jungle garbage dumps would be cut in half if everyone joined. Akumal Norte, Central Akumal, and Akumal hotels easily produce 10 tons a week and the city of Cancun produces 70 tons per week with no facility yet built that can handle this.  It’s urgent that we all work together to help solve this huge problem. If we don’t our paradise will eventually become hell. The responsibility to solve this problem falls on all of us because it’s our trash.

To participate is a very simple process. First fill out the attached form and email it back to Vecinos. If you already recycle, mark the form to signify this. The collected information is vital to setting up the best operating system possible. If you own a condo, please ask your building manager or HOA manager how your building could set up for the entire complex to participate.

The procedure is simple.   Recycling goods must be divided into 5 groups: 1 metal, 2 plastics, 3 glass, 4 bundled paper, and 5 bundled cardboard.  Bulk items such as batteries, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. can be left for site pick up (if you are having pick up service) or delivered to the designated area in Akumal Pueblo.  All goods either delivered or picked up must be thoroughly rinsed and bagged in their separate categories.

Drop-off on south side of Avenida between Delegación & doctor’s office

Example:  I asked two condo buildings that already recycle how they  handle the recyclables from their buildings. Each unit is furnished with a detailed sheet explaining to their visitors how to rinse their plastics, metals and glass and then place them in one container. The maids then take the container to a selected spot downstairs where a staff member separates it into the right bags and sets them out for pickup.

Please do not ignore this email it; is our future.

Roy Daniel Freeman


Akumal Ambulance

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