Best of the Best, March 2018

The Best of the Best Event for March, 2018 once again attracted a lively crowd at the special reserved section of La Buena Vida Restaurant.  It was perfect weather as about 40 happy (and thirsty) souls showed off their finery as they vied for a win in the three categories: Best Shirt, Best Sandals, and Best Clever Tee.  Our Akumal restaurants– Lunita, Turtle Bay Bakery and Café, La Buena Vida–honor the winners with a free drink.  The judging committee this month was Mary and Carlo.   Special thanks to La Buena Vida and Turtle Bay for supplying wonderful gifts for the random drawing.  Also, muchísimas gracias to our waiters for keeping up so well with this thirsty crowd.

One of the nice things about meeting in this location is the freedom to move around a bit and the ease to  talk to those at adjoining tables.   How well did you do at meeting all of the people who were there March 2nd?  Can you match the following names with the photographs?  Give it a try–these are the people:  Garreth, Leslie, Paula, Neal, Chris, Reg, Stevie, Fred, Lydia, Heather, Marcie, Lisa, Dave, George, Steve, Sharon, Gail, George, Josie, Shirley, Carlo, Cindy, Pete, Nan, David, Beryl, Isabel, Hollis, Peter, Marjorie, Paul, Colin, Tom, Barbara, Tom, Bart, and Mary.  Let AkumalNow know if you got them all correct.

  • Please join the fun for Best of the Best on April 6th.
  • Same place: La Buena Vida Restaurant.
  • Same time: 5:00 pm

See you there?

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