1. Why does CEA always omit “AVENTURAS AKUMAL” data regarding the sea turtles. They include AKUMAL Sur, but they never include the next “AKUMAL” situated between the “Oasis” and “Bahia Principe” all inclusive resort hotels. I’m happy to send you photos showing where dozens of sea turtle nests have been identified and marked on Aventuras AKUMAL beach. I’ve asked about this before and no one has provided an answer or response. Thanks for investigating! Inform us all!

  2. To answer your question John Moore…

    CEA has the permit for FOUR beaches in Akumal: Half Moon Bay, Akumal Bay, Jade Bay and Akumal Sur. The beach in question–Aventuras Akumal–is not within our jurisdiction / or part of our permit. Therefore we do not have the data or details of the operations on that beach.

    “EcoBahia” from Bahia Principe has the permit to operate/monitor/patrol Aventuras Akumal.

    I hope this clarifies your question. Please feel free to ask us directly, as this could have been answered years ago and not left you wondering.

  3. We were in Playa Del Carmen last Feb. and Akumal was closed although all the tour co. were still selling tickets. We were told it would only be for a couple of days. Too late for our tour. We are planning to come back in Jan or Feb. 2018 however we have heard that a) Akumal is completely closed for an indefinite period or b) Akumal is closed in Feb. all month. Should we even bother to make plans for going to Akumal?

    • Boy, your guess is as good as ours! We also have heard that Akumal Bay will be closed in February, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes. Come to Akumal . . . but have a Plan B! There are lots of cool cenotes in the area.
      P.S. You probably don’t need a “tour” to observe the turtles —- just get in the water and swim out a bit.


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