Towel Art – Our Amazing Maids

Our amazing maids make every effort to please the guests who spend their vacation in Akumal–including Towel Art.  This is the act of creating animal shapes from one to two towels.  Many of us are familiar with the two swans made from beach towels that grace the beds.

Lucia Angélica, the maid at Tranquilidad Properties, is quite adept with her towel art and her creations can be completed in five minutes or less.  She initially learned these courtesías from her mother who was a maid in Akumal for 23 years…so this art has been around for some time.   The below illustrations for making a dog were copied from a book dedicated to Towel Art, and it was discovered while on a cruise around the island of Cuba.  Often guests are so enchanted with this art form, they don’t want to “mess-up” the design; but never fear, a new animal could be awaiting you the following day.




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