CFE: New Meters + Rising Prices

An article gleaned from the The Playa Times, a bimonthly publication in English, refered to new electrical meters CFE is installing as well as rising prices.  Allan Lockhart, owner of a property management company, writes a regular column specializing in property management and vacation rentals to answer readers’ questions.  The issue of July 5-18, 2017, dealt with rising prices of CFE and the installation of digital meters.

According to Lockhart, in March, 2017, CFE raised prices throughout Mexico from 13.3-17.2%.  This increase is in no way related to the new digital meters being installed in Quintana Roo.  The replacement with digital meters began in some parts of Quintana Roo as early as March of this year, and there is no charge to users for these installations; these meters should reflect the same price as the older ones.  However, Lockhart urged that consumers need to be vigilant and monitor their meters and consumption and verify this against their bills.

Should you have complaint regarding your CFE bill, contact PROFECO,  part of Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency, immediately.  In Playa del Carmen PROFECO offices are located on Calle 10 (between 20 and 25), and  the staff speaks English.  You will need to bring the following:

  • original and two copies of your official ID
  • letter of complaint outlining the issue that includes the full name and address of the company you are filing the complaint against
  • original and copies of your bills showing the increase (if bills are not in your name, you will need a notarized letter from the person on the bill giving you permission to file a complaint)

Many thanks to Allan Lockhart for this timely information.  Lockhart can be reached using this address: [email protected]  You can pick up copies of this news source at area businesses in Playa and Akumal.

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