Best of the Best, July 2017

Best of the Best July was once again well attended at our usual first Friday of the month meeting place, La Buena Vida Restaurant (LBV).  We were in a new space for this particular evening, and the breezes were welcomed by all as Akumal has been experiencing some unusually hot weather!  But the enthusiastic crowd of 25+ persons took this in stride, and oh so enjoyed the margaritas and lively conversation.  An interesting happening:  we were possibly visited by an “alux” who invaded our staff photographer’s (David Zucker) camera.  Computer expert, Kai Kirk, is battling this imp, and hopes the chip is not permanently on the chopping block.  If repair exists, more photos of this event will be added at a later date.

The winner of the Best Shirt was Dan  Freeman, and he was the recipient of the free drink offered by Turtle Bay Bakery and Cafe (TBC).  The Best Sandals award went to Carly Flores who will collect her free drink from Lunita Restaurant.  The “surprise” drawing, offered by Jamie Cost of LBV, was a LBV T-Shirt and was won by Gabriella Herbert.  Once again, no award was given for Best Clever T-Shirt….hmmm!  The judges for the Best Shirt part of this evening were Carly Flores, Annette Bartsch, and Mary Henderson; for the Best Sandals, the sole judge was Mary Henderson.

Best of the Best, August 2017 is soon approaching–August 4th.  Won’t you please join us?




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