Mystika Immersive: A Tulum Must-Visit

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Mystika Immersive. I’m going to try and explain our experience, but it’s almost too magical to explain.

Located in the parking lot of the Tulum ruins, you purchase your tickets at a window and enter the building.

You are flooded with the most beautiful photography by Pepe Soto. The photos are printed on glass and vary in size. The clarity and colors are intense. He’d spend days trying to get the most perfect photograph of underwater flowers, or a sailboat at sunset. He followed a beautiful horse for years, photographing the horse at various stages of the horse’s life. Pepe’s life story is quite a journey in itself, and you can read all about him at this museum.

There are four rooms for you to enter: Sanctuary, Maya, Ascension, and Spirit. I won’t spoil these rooms for you, but parts of Soho’s photography are used to create these rooms. I will tell you he has a photo of an area of Mexico that is a gathering place for fireflies. It was amazing to stand in the middle of the room and be part of this animated photo. You want to reach out to catch the fireflies. We were in awe.

Mystika Immersive is open every day. Sunday thru Tuesday, the hours are 10am – 8pm. Wednesday thru Saturday, the hours are 10am – 9pm. The cost of a ticket is $25.00 usd, plus parking.
Located off the entrance inside the museum is a great little gift shop. From something as simple as a magnet with one of Pepe’s photos, to huge photographs, and lots in between, you will find something to take home with your experience.

I am going back with my brother in a couple of weeks to enjoy it again, and maybe see something that I missed the first time. You can do the entire museum in about an hour — an hour really well spent!

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