From Costco to Your Door

Tired of doing that unavoidable Costco run up to Cancun every few months just to pick up that coffee that you can’t live without? You may be able to save a tank or two of gas by ordering online for home delivery!

While you cannot order any frozen goods, or anything susceptible to spoilage, virtually everything else is available, from electronics to spirits to office supplies, and much more. Delivery take 3-4 days and arrives at your door via Fedex neatly packed in boxes.

You must be a Costco member before registering for an online account (international memberships are accepted). Go to website, where you will be given the option to switch to English in the upper right corner of your screen. The next screen will have a link to “Register for an Online Account”. You will have to agree to a number of terms and conditions, and then enter your personal data, such as your Costco membership number, delivery address, and payment method. Easy peasy!

Once you are registered and logged in, you will see all categories of items listed under “Departments” on the menu bar.

Happy shopping!

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