Mayan Garden Club Tip of the Month, May 2017

This perennial shrub is called Mona Lisa in Mexico and Mona Lavender in other countries.

It can reach  up to .75 meters in height and spread into a rounded bush. The constant purple flowers grow in the shade or partly sunny places. It can be planted in sun alone in the Yucatan, but the plant may not grow as large.  It is an easy flowering plant to care for.

To spread the plant, divide it and replant. It spreads quickly and can be pinched back for thicker plants. It does not do well with planting only cuttings. It makes a good bedding plant and can be planted in a pot or hanging basket. Plant in rich, loose soil and water every other day in the dry season for the best flowers. It should be fed with a general purpose fertilizer.

The leaves are an intense purple on the underside and the abundant flowers are a beautiful lavender.

It is recommended by the Mayan Garden Club.


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