Akumal Arts Festival, November 9 – 11

— from the Festival

Greetings To All,

  It is with great pleasure I want to share some fabulous news with our lovely little community of Akumal.  Beginning on November 9th and ending on November 12th we will be hosting the Akumal Arts Festival!  We have had an amazing response from the international art community and we have over 80 very talented artists from all over the world that will be descending upon our community to help transform and unite.  We have over 12 community projects that include every child living in the pueblo with active projects currently underway at the Children’s Library, Telesecondaria, Primera, Kindergarten, Montessori, High School as well as weekly art activities at the community center with the Kindness Club for kids in grades 2nd-6th.
  The artists will begin to arrive in Akumal from the 4th of November and that is where the real transformation begins.  Many of the artists specialize in large murals and with their fabulous talent they are going to gift us beautiful art and help to make our fabulous little community something special.  We have many artists that will be tackling the bridge, concha, schools, the park and a host of other locations throughout Akumal.  They are also donating their time and traveling to Akumal and will be hosting free classes all weekend in the community center.  The classes are offered in both Spanish and English and will be open to all ages.  We have several incredible musicians and bands that will be playing the night away plus other performing artists to entertain and delight us all.  There is also a host of reporters that will be doing live podcasts throughout the festival as well as multiple magazine and newspaper articles.
   It is a wonderful opportunity for us all to unite and work together to help make something special in our community.  I have attached some more informations about the festival, tentative schedule and list of artists with links to their work.  We are currently still looking for some accommodations to host the artists as well as donations to apply towards our paint and supply funds.  We are happy to supply you with a factura if needed and also have a PayPal if you would like to help us with a donation.  There are still some sponsorship places left as well if you would like to really make a difference.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions and hope to see you all at the Festival!

Thank You,

Jennifer Smith
Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery

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