Vecinos Update, November 2018

To the Akumal Norte Community:

Mission Statement of Asociación de Vecinos de Akumal Norte

To represent the community of Akumal Norte to all levels of government. To research and give the community uniform, concise answers to legal issues that deal with government programs. To deal with all community issues whether it is for infrastructure projects, political questions, or maintenance issues.



What is Vecinos de Akumal Norte?

It is the legally licensed civil organization representing the entire community of Akumal Norte. Whether you are a member or not, It is your voice to all levels of government. Who are the membership? Property owners.

How are community issues dealt with?

Through the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet is made up of the president, board members, community members, and all other community groups such as ADMAK. We try to meet bi-weekly in high season and once a month in low season. Issues being dealt with at this writing:

• Main Gate Entrance (Co-Chairs Monica Estrada and Ingrid Urribarri Datica)

• Addition of regular policemen to the entrance and Community Center police station

• Central sewage system

• Underground electric cables

• Internet cable

• Conservation of our bays and lagoon

• Private security

• Regularization for individual properties and our community as a whole

• Plan for Sargasso for the end of this year and the coming season

What is the Importance of the Community Center?

It is the Civil Association office, the main police station, and the common room for community use.  When completed it will be the place to register your issues and find the correct answers for government programs.  You will be able to register work orders through our web site and an administrator will be in the office on a regular basis.  The center’s common room will be available by appointment for meetings.  During regular days it will be an educational center for conservation, Maya history, and cultural programs.

Gate and Police Networking with Private Security

The community center built in the North Akumal park will have a main Police station and the Vecinos offices.  The plan is to network the gate and the new station. I’m meeting with the President of Tulum to see if we can arrive at an agreement to have police stationed here to work with our community every day, ones who do not travel from pueblo to pueblo, but will integrate into the fabric of our community.  The plan is to have a network of private security at our houses and condos to be coordinated with police and pluma for immediate response to security problems.

In addition to the new police station, Terry Richardson laid out a plan for owners to follow that involves hiring private security for groups of homes and condo buildings.  These groups would then share the cost of private guards who would patrol the group of properties.  The plan is already in use for several properties.  Vecinos backs this idea completely.  Though it is not the policy of Vecinos to give out our membership mailing list, we will help you with your local neighbors’ addresses if we have them.

Changes to the Vecinos Charter

This year with the cabinet’s approval I’m proposing two changes to the charter, which will then be voted on at our annual membership meeting:  1. To open membership to all legally licensed business owners located and doing business in Akumal Norte;  2. To collect annual dues.



Community Center – Figured Annually and presented in pesos

Administrative Assistant Salary $              72,000.00

Annual 12 month Operating Ongoing Cost                                 One Time Set Up Cost

  • Phone & Internet                 $                8,000.00                Computer                              $       5,600.00
  • Drinking Water                    $                1,200.00                 Printer                                   $       2,820.00
  • Office Supplies                     $                9,000.00                 3 Air Conditioners              $      31,020.00
  • Utilities                                  $             22,560.00                 Radio System & Maint.       $     30,000.00
  • Clean & Maintenance         $                7,500.00                 Finish the Center                 $   564,000.00

                                                       $            48,260.00                                                             $ 633,440.00

Ongoing Organizational Cost

  • Lawyer/Consultants15,                                       $               22,560.00
  • Gate Entry System                                               $             470,000.00
  • Petty Cash                                                              $               20,000.00
  • Semi-Annual Trash Clean up                             $               22,000.00
  • General Community Maintenance                    $               30,000.00
  • Police Cost                                                              $               48,000.00

                                                                                        $           612,560.00

Annual Organization Operating Cost   

$ 732,820.00  ($732,820.00 pesos @ xrate of 18.80 = $38,979.78 usd ÷ 99 members = $393.73 usd / member)


For year 2019 Only Annual Operating cost-plus project completion and building set up cost

$1,366,260.00 pesos  (1,366,260.00 pesos @ xrate of 18.80 = $72,673.40 ÷ 99 members = $734.07usd /member)


Your President and Amigo,




Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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