Best of the Best, September 2018

Incredible fun the gathering at La Buena Vida for September’s Best of the Best.  When “no one” is in Akumal, this event manages to draw the die-hards to share a glass of their favorite brew and  recent events.   Because of health issues, Mary Henderson, who normally does the organizing, forgot it was the first Friday of the month and just happened to be out for happy hour drink.  Realization caught up with her and she had to wing it.



Winners:  Annette won for Best Sandals — a pair she picked up in Turkey.  Redbeard won Best Shirt, and Gareth won Best Clever Tee.  Mary was the only Judge . . .  just because.

Kevin almost won in two categories – Best Shirt and Best Clever Tee.  He first showed up in a “Support the Akumal Red Cross” tee which caught Mary’s attention big-time, but then disappeared  to go home and change into the stunning shirt that won.  It gave Mary the chance to laud the Red Cross for her recent ambulance ride.  So don’t forget the button on the front of this publication that allows your Red Cross Ambulance donation to get credited rapidly.

 The event for October is only 5 days from now:  same time —5:00pm on Friday, same place — La Buena Vida, and the same charming people!  Please be there too! 


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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