Lots of Road News in Akumal

There’s lots of road news in North Akumal.   First, the exciting stuff . . .

                                    . . . there’s a hole!!!!


And it’s in the road right in front of Playa Caribe!  A section of road caved in to expose a cavern

                    ——————-waiting for more hole info))))

Vecinos de Akumal Norte is in the process of paving 2 sections of the road between La Mirage and Casa Maya.  They have been assured that the final section in that stretch will be paved as well.  Also in the works is the remaining section between Kokobeach and Gill’s house.  You know what that means?  Akumal North will be paved from the Las Casitas sign through Casa Mayanah!  Life is sweet!

road work 29-10

 A round of applause — or a round of something . . . — for Henning Bartsch and the Vecinos board!


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