North Akumal Council News

There were 3 topics discussed at the North Akumal Council Meeting on Oct 2, 2014.FYI bean

Regularization of North Akumal – in order to regularize North Akumal, 3 things need to be achieved.

1. Recognition of the legal representatives of North Akumal by the local and state Government. This is a formal process where the Government recognizes the official legal representatives of North Akumal (Henning Bartsch and Antonio Bolo) and sign an agreement to cooperate with these individuals. This process is underway now.

2. Approval to run services (water, sewage lines, etc) through the Akumal Arch. Permission needs to be given by the legal owner of the road (CEA) to run services through the Akumal Arch. This is necessary for North Akumal to be able to install their sewage lines and other community services. CEA has been consulted and there do not appear to be any issues or resistance at this stage.

3. Topographical survey of North Akumal. This survey is critical in the regularization of the community so that plans can be made for lighting, services, etc. This survey can, in addition, serve as a current survey for properties which currently do not have one. This survey is quoted to cost approx MX$450,000 inclusive of IVA and should take 2 months to complete with no impact or disruption to the community.



There are plans to increase the number of security stations in Akumal, and ensure that each station is equipped with a defibrillator machine, and that all security guards are fully trained in emergency first response. The plan is that nobody should be more than 4-5 mins. from a defibrillator machine or medical help should they need one in the village of Akumal. Terry Richardson is spearheading this campaign.



Black water drainage issues are a hot topic of discussion in Akumal. From the last meeting, we were told about an environmental license that buildings need to have, showing that they are compliant with the way that they are disposing of their sewage. Some buildings in the village have already been working on this, including the Playa Blanca building which has a brand new biodigester and wetland to ensure that they are not polluting the ground water or the bay. The problem encompasses both the waterfront properties, and also the pueblo of Akumal with many properties injecting black water into the ground, or with inadequate septic.

North Akumal is working on a plan with CAPA to install a sewage system for the community. To that end, the North Akumal Vecinos committee has come to an agreement with the municipal government to wait until May 2015 for Akumal to present a community proposal, after which time we will have 45 days to comply. The issue is wider still, as the pumping station in the village of Akumal is way too small to deal with the growing population and is actually not even in operation. With the construction of the new hotel on Akumal Bay, the population in the Akumal Pueblo is swelling even more, and the government and CAPA know that they need to install a new pump and treatment plant for the community of Akumal. This is part of the reason for the delay in penalties until May 2015. If the government and CAPA install the new Akumal pump station, then the beach side communities including North Akumal and Jade Bay should all be able to hook up to that making for a much more sustainable solution.


Other information from around Akumal (not related to the above meeting)

Oscar Constanze has bought the 3 empty lots in front of the commercial entrance to Yalku Lagoon, and is planning to build a large parking lot there. This will alleviate the traffic congestion around the North Akumal loop.

There is a new building going up between Super Chomak and the large car park at the entrance of Akumal. This new building is rumored to be a new OXXO convenience store!

The last turtle census confirmed 54 resident turtles in Akumal Bay.


Akumal Ambulance

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