Vecinos Update – October 2021




To make representations on behalf of members before local, state and federal governments, according to established legal standards, to maintain/support the interests of the Association and its members with regard to land use, urban planning and human settlements known as the subdivision North Akumal, Quintana Roo State, United States of Mexico.

To manage, encourage, and provide collaboration with the appropriate public authority for maintaining and carrying out works that is inherent to the wellbeing of its members and the beautification and enjoyment of the Development known as North Akumal

To promote, undertake, and advance the establishment and improvement of all public or private services needed for transportation and roads, telephones, water, electricity, street lighting, garbage collection, security and general safety of the Development known as North Akumal. 

To channel and extend its support to sponsor and maintain the ongoing social, cultural and welfare activities of the Development.

To assume an advocacy role and make representations that its members determine are required in terms of official regulations and other issues that affect their interests

To make legal representations before administrative and judicial authorities and to the local companies or businesses in the development known as Akumal Norte and private companies building houses and those that manage properties or acquire the assets and liabilities of such companies in the development

To enter into and execute civil and commercial contracts necessary to develop and serve Akumal Norte’s infrastructure and utility services.    

Semi-Private Status

Akumal was registered as a Fraccionamiento, which is a sub-division of the municipality. Over the years It became a failed sub-division. Then several property owners formed Vecinos de Akumal Norte a.c.. Through seven years of agreements made with each successive Tulum administration, the organization has been recognized as the administrators for the service operations of the community. Vecinos has protected our semi-private status with the Municipality of Tulum. 


To meet our responsibilities as defined in our charter, we have created the following committee structures listed in order of their importance as seen by Vecinos.


Accomplishing this committee’s mission is the most important of all issues facing Akumal Norte today. The committee’s mission, to regularize the systems needed to legalize and maintain Akumal Norte’s status as a self-administering, semi-private community. Achieving this goal will legalize, preserve and protect Akumal Norte as a semi-private community within Tulum municipality for this administration and all future Tulum governments. To achieve our goal, we have hired specialized lawyers who have experience with this type of process and have negotiated successfully for other communities.

To not achieve the goal of the committee leaves Akumal Norte ripe for the possible municipalization by the municipality of Tulum.  The cost for this undertaking is estimated @ $300,000.00 pesos this will require additional funding that is not covered by our normal dues.


Vecinos pays for Target security at the Pluma from Association dues. We maintain the gate system on behalf of all members of the community including for those who pay and those who don’t. In October of 2020 Vecinos president contacted the office of Mexico’s president Lopez Obrador explaining how bad the situation was becoming. We requested that the Guardia Nacional be brought in to strengthen the security of Akumal Pueblo, Akumal Norte and surrounding pueblos and villages. A deal was made.  Vecinos would provide accommodations and other services needed by the guard. Ten days later the first contingent of the guards arrived at their new home base the Community Center of Akumal Norte.


The sewage systems built by the initial builders of Akumal Norte are inadequate. The older systems are leaking into the bay, mangrove, lagoon, and ocean daily. Over the years the government has allowed developers to build without regard to the installation of adequate sewage systems. Sewage pollution is one of the main, if not the worst environmental pollution problems for our mangrove, lagoon, and ocean environments, especially to the destruction of our reef system.

The federal government has mandated that central sewage systems are to be built in all pueblos. Property owners must connect to it. For the preceding two years Vecinos has held meetings with government officials from CAPA at all levels. In phase one of the government’s sewage plan Akumal Pueblo’s in-ground service and the rebuilding of their sewage processing plant will be completed and operational then phase two will begin. In phase two the government will begin the installation of Akumal Norte’s in-ground system. Our last meeting the systems in the pueblo are in, however they still need work and money for our system is not there yet. We are working with CAPA to have an estimate of the cost for our homes and condo buildings connections.


We ship our solid waste trash to Tulum, gone and forgotten. However, since no garbage disposal plants exist, Tulum trash trucks dump it into city-block long, six story piles in the jungle to rot in the noon day sun. Studies show us that daily the pollution from this waste is the greatest threat to underground rivers, and ultimately the water we drink.

Recycling has never worked with individual property pick up for the whole community. Vecinos is researching a recycling program where your staff would bring your recyclables to a central location for once a week pick up.


The board appointed a Sargasso committee. The goal: develop a workable plan that will alleviate or at least manage the problem. It must be affordable and practical in its application.


For the last four years we have had streetlights. The only cost was their purchase. Since they are solar powered, there is no ongoing electric cost. This program has been so successful that we have helped surrounding communities achieve the same results for their communities.

We have recently installed three central storm drains and have a fourth in the works. These drains help keep our paving system from deteriorating. Every year sinkholes and topes in our road system require work.

New Signage is being installed, and speed limits, directional, street names etc. are required. None of these can take place until dues funding is available, the work of the governmental committee can be completed, and legal agreements reached with the relevant authorities.


As we grow, sidewalks become more important than ever for the safety of our walking public. This future project means we will be able to install the new sewage lines without digging up the main road from the pluma to La Buena Vida. At the same time, we can put our electric and internet lines underground. This will meet with the government mandated project that seashore cities must have electric and internet connections underground within the next two years. This is to prevent interruption of power and communication during hurricanes or tropical storms.  A future plan must be considered for the inclusion of sidewalks from La Buena Vida to Yalku Lagoon.


What your dues and donations have financed so far at 9 months into 2021:


Survey of Akumal Norte public areas                                                                                       $ 55,000

Installation of central storm drains                                                                                          $ 30,000

Target guard services(annually)                $ 504,000.00 so far in 2021                             $ 396,500

CCB added new building w/2 bathrooms w/showers pd for w/donations & dues         

                                                                                                                                                             $ 158,535 

CCB Vecinos office furnishings & equipment                                                                             $ 18,421

Office supplies                                                                                                                                   $ 12,000

CCB Sewage, Water, Telmex and electric services                                                                  $ 43,900

Accounting fees (owed 2 years $50,000; owed for 2021 $25,000                                      $ 50,000

Repair of the main community highway and topes                                                                 $ 32,500

Installation & maintenance of 20 new/25 old solar streetlights                                           $ 66,800


Actions in process

  • Breakfast planning meetings with officials:
  • Meetings with the President of Tulum Municipality.
  • Commanding General of State of Quintana Roo Guardia Nacional
  • October19, our first meeting with the new President of Tulum.
    • Meetings with Target security
    • With State CAPA for sewage planning
  • Working with state offices of CAPA completing plans for central sewage system
  • Developing a recycling plan for the community
  • Working with Yalkú Parque (Yalkú Lagoon) to approve a parking lot for them to take parking off the public streets.
  • Cleaning and Developing Yalkú Park; two benches in, four more on order

The board and president’s deliberations on issues and final decisions reached are based always on the best long-term results for Akumal Norte.

An example of long-term planning was the building of the community center. Though it is not currently functioning as was intended, its existence allowed us to have and house the Guardia Nacional when even Tulum did not have the Guards. This has enhanced the security of the community.

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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