Vecinos Update – April 2021





Hello, Everyone!

Friday evening the Valfab solar company unexpectedly appeared at our door returning the solar lights we left with them for service — in February 2020! We had tried several times to retrieve our lights. Since we had no luck, we contracted with a new local company for the purchase of ten new lights. So, with the nine returned and the 15 new ones we will have 24 lights going back up in the community over the next two months. The new company, Aproycon Solar, will be putting up the lights and maintaining all our streetlights from now on. In addition to adding new lights, we will begin replacing the metal poles with dark green PVC poles filled with rebar and cement. No rust or repainting needed ever!

Fernando Ávila owns Aproycon Solar and Construction company, anyone interested in solar service or construction bids can contact him at cellphone: 998-577-0727 or email: [email protected]. Normally we do not endorse companies, however, he lives in our community and has worked for many of our members. He is extremely reliable and professional.

In the past two weeks thanks to our Sargasso committee members the mayor of Tulum has been here twice for sargasso and COVID 19 meetings. The Sargasso committee is working with Tulum and other officials to find a system that will work to relieve our sargasso problem as much as possible.

How about a walk-in Park? That’s right, Yalkú Park is open. The original paths are clear and waiting for you to take a stroll and enjoy the park. Through a generous donor, the park was cleaned and over 20 truckloads of jungle waste and trash were removed. Please, ask your gardeners not to dump jungle waste in the park anymore. Anyone caught dumping in the park will be charged for its removal. Remember the Guardia is watching and you will be reported.  The park committee is looking for some more donors to help with the next two projects:  purchasing new benches and tagging the trees, making the park once more an arboretum.

The Vecinos board is preparing to work once more with CEA for the turtle season. We have asked Sheree Gibson to be the representative to CEA from Vecinos, coordinating all turtle-related needs.errc

This week I was able to secure my electronic signature, so we can once again send out facturas for donations given to Vecinos. If you’re finding it hard to pay the full dues amount this year because of COVID 19, Vecinos has a two-payment system:  pay half in April and the other September.

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Easter,  Enjoy Passover!

David and I are celebrating our 54th Passover together. ¿How many different ways can you eat Matzo?




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