Ask Allyn . . . Korean-style Potato Pancakes

Today’s tip:  Salt is a flavor enhancer, right?  Try adding a pinch of salt to your next cup of coffee.

Here’s a nice side dish, although it takes a little forethought–

Korean-style Potato Pancakes

3  med size peeled (optional) potatoes, rough chopped

¼ med size onion, rough chopped

1t  salt

1 C (approx)  water

 Add all ingredients in a blender, blend until pretty smooth. Drain through a sieve with cheesecloth over a bowl for 10-15 minutes.  Squeeze out excess liquid into that same bowl and set aside.  Set potato mash aside also, another 10 minutes or so.  The starch in the potato water will have settled to the bottom of the bowl, pour off as much water as possible and add the starch to the potatoes, mix together.  Form into thin patties and fry slowly in butter (don’t forget it’s raw potato).  Koreans would fry in about ¼ inch of oil.

For authentic Asian style eating, try this dipping sauce —

1T chili flakes

1T soy sauce

1T vinegar

½ T sugar

grated garlic and ginger optional



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