Vecinos Street Light Update





Dear Neighbors:

Vecinos has taken on many daunting project:

  • Installing the underground water system
  • Paving the main road
  • Renovating the topes
  • Installing street lighting.

None of these projects would have been completed without your monetary support.  Akumal Norte receives no money from any governmental agencies.

These projects benefit all property owners in Akumal Norte. However, many owners still do not contribute.   Because we as owners pay taxes, many believe that the government should pay for these projects; they will not.  When our  operational infrastructure projects are completed and we are qualified by the municipal government as a completed development, we will be able to secure funding.  Until then we are self-funding.

Please check out the lights we have installed in the first phase – fifty-three (53) lights from La Bahía Condos to YalKu Lagoon. The lights are beautiful, and they do not interfere with observing the night sky or turtles nesting, yet they provide safety for people walking on the road and offer security lighting for those darker areas.

PLEASE, help Vecinos to help YOU by contributing the cost of a light or two. They are $410.00 USD each and are guaranteed for five years.  They are totally energy self-sufficient – no electricity needed.   Because of this solar program, we as a community have been recognized by the government  and used as an example for other communities to follow.  Please help me complete this project; we need to secure funding for 30 more lights.   To donate, contact Vecinos at

Email: [email protected]    or phone Mexican Land Line: 984-875-9096  or                  Mexican Cell: 984-801-6371

Vecinos will accept credit cards, cash, and USA or Mexican checks.  We issue receipts and/or Facturas.

We normally do not list contributors; however so many of these properties have made multiple contributions we feel they should be thanked.


Roy Daniel Freeman, President





Asociación of Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.     Email: [email protected]
Mexican Land Line: 984-875-9096 Mexican Cell: 984-801-6371

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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