Best of the Best, September 2017

Neither rain, snow, sleet or hail can keep people away from attending the Best of the Best, September 2017 event!  Actually, no snow, sleet, or hail (don’t think there ever has been!), but a threat of rain was in the offing.  And the cooler temperatures were happily welcomed as the humidity that characterized the previous month disappeared for this fun event.  Fifteen hearty souls showed up at La Buena Vida to see who might be selected as having the Best Shirt, Best Sandals, and Best Clever Tee.  Judges for the evening were Beryl Van Lierop and Mary Henderson,  David Zucker, the ace photographer.   Once again, door  prizes were a bottle of Cueva Vodka donated by Bart Smith of Turtle Bay Bakery and Café (TBC) and a bottle of Hornitos Tequila donated by Jamie Cost of La Buena Vida (LBV).  Restaurants rewarding “Best” winners with a free drink were Lunita, TBC, and LBV.

Please plan to join us for this regular monthly (every first Friday) event on October 6th.  The setting at LBV is conducive to meeting new people and chatting with lots of “locals” – all while enjoying Happy Hour prices and good service.  See you there?

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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