US Revises Citizenship Test

Test your knowledge on some of the topics from American history and government that prospective new citizens have to answer.

The new test draws from 128 possible questions, up from 100, and prospective citizens now have to answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly in order to pass. Previously, passing required correctly answering six out of 10 questions.

The quiz below draws from the new or revised questions introduced in 2020. We have converted the questions to multiple choice. You can find all 128 questions on the new test here.

1 of 9:   James Madison is famous for many things. Name one.

a.  President during the War of 1812

b.  Fifth president of the United States

c.  Writer of the Declaration of Independence

d. First Secretary of State

2 of 9:  The American Revolution had many important events. Name one.

a.  Washington crossing the Delaware

b.  Battle of Tippecanoe

c.  Battle of Fort Niagara

d.  The Treaty of Ghent

3 of 9:  What is the purpose of the 10th Amendment?

a.  It guarantees the rights of criminal defendants.

b.  It states that the powers not given to the federal government belong to the states or to the people.

c.  It abolished slavery.

d.  It prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.

4 of 9:  Whom does a member of the House of Representatives represent?

a.  People living in their state

b.  People living in their congressional district

c.  Citizens in their congressional district

d.  Their political party

5 of 9:  Who appoints federal judges?

a.  The Chief Justice

b.  The Senate

c.  The President

d.  The Attorney General

6 of 9:  How many Supreme Court justices are usually needed to decide a case?

a.  Four

b.  Five

c.  Six

d.  Nine

7 of 9:  The Civil War had many important events. Name one.

a.  The Missouri Compromise

b.  The Trail of Tears

c.  The Battle of Little Bighorn

d.  Sherman’s March

8 of 9:  Name one leader of the women’s rights movement in the 1800s.

a.  Clara Barton

b.  Eleanor Roosevelt

c.  Mary Baker Eddy

d.  Sojourner Truth

9 of 9:  The Nation’s first motto was “E Pluribus Unum.” What does that mean?

a.  We the people

b.  Self-government

c.  Out of Many, One

d.  One Nation, Indivisible

Answers:  1-a,  2-a,  3-b,  4-c,  5-c,  6-b,  7-d,  8-d,  9-c.   4-b was correct answer in previous test

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