NPR Sunday Puzzle: Word Sandwiches


On-air challenge: Every answer is a familiar phrase in the form “___ & ___,” in which the first two letters of the first word plus the first two letters of the last word themselves spell a word. I’ll give you that word as well as a definition of the phrase. You tell me the phrase.

Example: SODA — combination performance –> Song & dance

1. BOAR — Native American weapon

2. CAMO — cunning game that a feline and rodent might play

3. EVAN — old-fashioned phrase meaning “occasionally”

4. ABBE — more than could possibly be expected

5. LASE — amphibious

6. SHAW — overwhelm through a show of force

7. BACH — heavy restraint to keep a prisoner from escaping

8. HOVE — like the positions of the x and y axes on a graph

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