Street Names Suggestions Still Needed for Akumal Norte

Well, the people have spoken!  Following is a list of street name suggested by readers of AkumalNow.  The committee requested that we have more suggestions, though it favored Camino YalKu for the name of our main road.







Other suggestions for the six side roads were thematic – all six streets to have flower names, or animal names, or bird names, or tree names, or fish names.  For instance, suggested trees included  Zapote (the chicle tree), Ceiba (tree of life), Chichen, Java Almond, Papaya, Banana, Golden Rain, etc.  Animals, flowers, birds, and fish were also discussed.   

A daunting task for the Committee on Street Naming (appointed by Akumal Norte governing body) is to filter which names we think Tulum Municipio will approve, and it is time for you to vote on some guidelines.  Keep in mind that street names will be in Spanish.  Record your vote via the Comments section of AkumalNow that follows this article.

  • Please list your idea for the main road.  List three in order of your preference.
  • If you want a thematic (birds, flowers, trees, animals, fish) approach for the six side streets, tell us which theme and include three examples.
  • If you want mixed themes, please indicate and give three examples.

Recently the committee reviewed a CEA publication from years ago (no date, but it sold for 10 pesos) that had sections on the following: Trees, Wetland Plants, Plants and Flowers, and Seashore Plants.  It is fascinating reading with great photos and great suggestions of what we see everyday in Akumal.  Perhaps CEA has copies for you to look at, or stop by Casa Tranquilidad and borrow that copy.   Very nice to have a record of what is in our Akumal area!

The important thing is to get your ideas known to the committee–a main road name and themed or mixed themed side streets.  Your examples will guide the final suggestions to Tulum Municipio.  Please go to the Comments section of AkumalNow to vote your preference….Now is a very good time to do this!  The committee will be meeting in two weeks (May 15) to prepare the submission of street names to Tulum.



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  1. Fruit names for Six side streets, easy to recognize, and remember and words everyone knows.,,,
    Naranja,mango,papaya, piña, limón, sandía.
    Thanks fo your consideration.
    Isabel Schober

  2. I know I was not asked and am probably way too late, but rather than those mundane names of flowers, fruits, etc., I suggest that the streets pay homage to some of Mexico great artists across all disciplines. I have some suggestions for painters, writers, actors/director, and singer/musicians, and this basically complements the owners and visitors to reside, own, or visit there. The main Akumal Norte street has to be Avenida Diego Rivera and the main side street is Calle Frida Kahlo. The names for the other streets would honor the likes of Sandra Cisneros, Alfonso Reyes, Carlos Santana, Mariachi Music/Bands, Guillermo del Toro Gómez, Anthony Quinn, and Salma Hayek. Another could be Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, known casually as Mario Moreno and professionally as Cantinflas, was a Mexican film actor, producer, and screenwriter. He is considered to have been the most accomplished Mexican comedian and is celebrated throughout Latin America and in Spain.

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