Best of the Best – April 2019

What a busy time April is for Akumal, and equally so for the Best of the Best-April 2019 event.  Once again, we met upstairs at La Buena Vida on the first Friday of the month and had over 40 people joining in the competition for best shirt, best sandals, and best clever tee – of course this means lots of fun: enjoying a few libations, meeting new people, and having lively conversations.  Much thanks goes to the following for supplying a free drink to the winner in each category: Turtle Bay Bakery and Café (TBC), Lunita, and La Buena Vida (LBV).  Also, TBC and LBV provide prizes in the random drawing (Cueva Vodka and Mescal).  It was nice to have the owners of both of these establishments on hand to see how popular this part of our hour is.  Thanks go to photographer David Zucker, crowd counter Paul Autieri, random drawing coordinator Marjorie Autieri, and judging committee composed of Mary Henderson, Peter Swenson, and Leslie….Peter and Leslie were winners from the previous month.

And….Friday, May 3 is the next meeting for Best of the Best.    Hope to see you at LBV at 5:00 pm! And here’s also hoping they will have us upstairs again – more wind protection and easier to move around to talk with everyone. 

Remember LBV’s Happy Hour is 4:30-6:30 pm.

The Winners —

— and the rest of us!

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