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The main attractions for visitors to the area are our beautiful beaches, climate, great food, and nice people.  However, injuries can happen, and when you only have a week or two to vacation, it can spoil your trip.  Here are a few precautions that can help you avoid injury.

One common way that people sustain injuries is by hauling luggage, over-filling suitcases, and lifting without due care.  When you travel, spread the weight among suitcases and carry-ons.  When lifting luggage, bend your knees and keep your back straight.  Or ask for help — service personnel can always use a tip!

Another hazard here in Mexico is the uneven sidewalks and streets.  At any point there may be an obstacle, an exposed pipe, a big hole, really anything can happen.  Look where you’re going!  It’s easy to forget while snapping photos or taking in the sights, looking for a restaurant, etc.  This hazard becomes much more dangerous after happy hour refreshments!  A fall from the sidewalk can lead to serious injuries and a painful reminder of a moment of distraction.

Be careful in the sea.  Large waves can be tough on the body, and swimming in the ocean when you’re not used to it or against a strong current may cause muscle strain.  And if you rent a scooter or car, remember you’re driving in an unfamiliar place with a very different set of traffic rules and road behaviors.  Stay alert! If you play any beach sports or golf, stretch out for a few minutes and warm up.  Don’t play for a long period if you are not used to it.  There are so many activities in this region, and we may feel more adventurous on vacation and take more risks than we do at home.  Take a minute to assess the level of fitness required for more active sports.  Think before doing risky things, especially  if you’ve been drinking.

One more issue that I am presented with time and again results from massages.  Some masseurs will crack your back or neck.  Never let an unqualified person attempt any form of spinal manipulation.  There is little regulation here and some therapists have little or no knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology.  If a massage therapist of any kind offers to manipulate, tell them no!  I see a disturbing number of cases here because an untrained person can cause severe damage.  That $15 massage can end up costing you a whole lot more.

In any case be careful, enjoy this paradise, and if you do suffer an injury, seek a qualified Chiropractor!

— by Richard E. McCarthy, D.C.
contact info:    MAYA SPA on 1st Ave between 14th & 16th Sts.,    Playa del Carmen;   984-165-56 82;   [email protected]

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