Vecinos Update – June 2021

Good Morning,                                                                                      
When becoming president and with the agreement of the board, I established three goals for the organization. One, establish and maintain the infrastructure systems needed for a functioning community. Two, survey the community establishing registered boundaries, legally recognized by all levels of government. Three, make the Vecinos Civil Association, elected by community members recognized as the community’s governing arm. 
Projects Underway:
1. Surveying of the community
2. Installation of a storm drain between La Bahía & The Reef
3. Repairing and placing new adocreto in the main road in those areas where cement was used to fill holes and is now breaking up. 
4. Inspecting holes that are occurring in front of Playa Caribe for repair.
5. Installing 10 new solar lights and new PVC light poles
6. Preparing PVC mounts for new road signage.
Sargasso season is upon us again. Victor Mas, the president of Tulum, promised that they would provide what help they could for Half Moon Bay as material and money become available.  However, especially in an election year, public beaches get priority. Therefore, some of the beachfront condos have organized a unified effort to deal with sargassum washing up on the beach and we will support their initiative.
This week the organization took a step closer to accomplishing one more of our goals.  We hired a surveying company to survey the common areas of Akumal Norte, establishing our community’s legal boundaries and registering those surveys with Catastro in Tulum.

Akumal Norte is a fraccionamiento, that is, a housing development.  There was at one time for Akumal Norte surveyor records registered with Catastro (the Land Registry Office) in Cozumel.  When checking with the Catastro department in Tulum, we found that the original records from Cozumel were lost or destroyed when they were moved first to Playa del Carmen then to Tulum.

In order to have legal recognition of Akumal Norte as a whole, registered surveys must be recorded in the office of Catastro in Tulum.  The Vecinos board established a committee with the mission to identify the process needed to bring the community into legal standing with the government.  The committee began meeting with a legal advisor whose specialty is defining the steps needed to achieve this goal.  Accomplishing this project is of major importance now, with the acceleration of development all around us.

The completed project will give our community a stronger legal standing for self- governing, for enforcing community defined rules, and for control of our security.  It will enforce legal recognition of and verification of ownership and legal security for property owners, which in turn will lead to improving property values.

The first step was taken this week with the hiring of a surveyor.  Yalkú park was surveyed and registered officially with the department of Catastro in Tulum.

To give you a better understanding of this process and how it benefits you, I have included a news release. It is an article covering a similar project undertaken by the municipal government in the city of Tulum and the hotel zone, and the reasons they felt it necessary:

 Citizens will have means of verification and legal security in catastral processes
* SEFIPLAN works in the fight against corruption with a reliable cadastral registry

Chetumal. -The Geographical and Cadastral Institute of the State of Quintana Roo (IGECE) began to prepare the catastral orthoimage of the municipality of Tulum, in order to update the cadastral cartography and meet the needs of the municipal public administration.

As will be recalled in April, the IGECE and the Tulum City Council signed a collaboration agreement to carry out the expansion of the passive geodetic network and generation of cadastral orthoimages for the town, municipal seat and hotel zone of the aforementioned municipality.

The General Director of IGECE, Mtro. Ricardo López Rivera commented that “around 80 air flights will be carried out with an unmanned aerial vehicle. The photographs obtained will have a resolution greater than 12 megapixels in color, this means that there is adequate positional accuracy where geodetic GPS control points are obtained, all this in collaboration with the Cadastral Directorate of the Tulum City Council”.

 Ricardo López Rivera went on to explain that as a result, citizens will have means of verification and legal security in the cadastral processes. These data will be used in urban development work, in addition to supporting tourist activity, the main economic bastion of the municipality of Tulum.

An updated catastral registry will allow to one to know exactly the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the existing properties in the municipality, and will reflect quality, agility, honesty, and transparency about their heritage in a responsible and efficient way to fight corruption.

With these actions Together We Advance made the identification, registration and geographic location of real estate located in the State of Quintana Roo.

The Vecinos board and Dan thank you for your continuing support,


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