Pluma Passes for Akumal Norte

The following information about pluma passes was sent out by Terry Richardson in his December security update ( 7y429jxkosjpzrr/ AAC90SJWBokw8loHfgjR4uA9a?dl=0 ).

Terry said:

Vehicles that do not display a pass will be stopped and simply asked where they are going.  Stopping and asking will insure that the guards are paying attention, number one, and will also act as a further deterrent.  When a car is stopped, the camera has a much better chance of a photo of the occupant as well as the license plates.

… The passes will be available to all residents of Akumal Norte at a cost of 100 pesos each.  You may also purchase passes for your employees and guests.  To make it easier, I suggest all condominiums buy a quantity to cover all owners at one time through a representative of your organization or go through your property manager.

All that will be requested in addition to the 100 peso charge is the name of the owner, the address of the owner, and the email address of the owner.  Guest and worker passes will be registered under the property owners name or the name of the representative of the property.

Should you want to purchase passes, you may contact me and I will be happy to deliver them.

Email: [email protected]                     Cell phone: US: 760/815-5118; Mexico: (001) 760/815-5118vvvv

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