Plants for a Prettier, Healthier Bedroom

Indoor plants are much more than pretty, colorful additions to our décor.  They help cleanse indoor air of pollutants, boost your mood, and may even make you feel less stressed and more creative.  Studies have also shown that, by their mere presence in your bedroom, some plants can contribute to better sleep.  We’ll begin with lavender.


Lavender (Scientific Name:  Lavandula)

Lavender’s fragrance has long been considered a great aid to relaxation.  Studies have shown it to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels making it perfect for the bedroom.  Keep your lavender plant near your bed so you can inhale its soothing scent while your sleep and it could help promote a good night’s sleep.

study by the Miami Miller School of Medicine has shown that the scent of lavender bath oil calms babies and sends them off into a deeper sleep.  As a bonus, it reduces stress in the mother.

Although not generally considered an indoor plant, Lavender will survive indoors under the right conditions.  It likes warmth and sunlight, so give it bright, direct light for a few hours a day and water it sparingly when the soil is slightly dry.



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  1. I would love to donate who needs it most? We will be visiting in April do you have friends that would like to share an off shore trip ? We don’t keep or kill bill fish… we love to snorkel eat and drink
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