Old Bay Seasoning: The Substitution

Coming from New England, I use Old Bay Seasoning a lot.  Clam chowder is not the same without it.  Neither is corn chowder.

But how about adding it to a Bloody Mary or sprinkling it on crinkle cut fries.  Or spicing up your deviled eggs, or mixing it with goat cheese for a fancy dip.

It is not always easy to find Old Bay in our area, so here’s a substitute recipe that works.

Old Bay Seasoning Substitute

2 Tbsp.   salt

1/8 tsp.  cayenne pepper

And a pinch of each of the following:    dry mustard;  ground nutmeg,  cinnamon,   cardamom,   allspice ,   cloves,     and ginger.

Whisk together and store in an airtight container.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have a friend bring me a Sam’s Club-sized container a couple of years ago. Being from Maryland, it’s indispensable in many of my own dishes, including pizza! Thanks for the recipe, because we’re starting to see the bottom of that big ‘ole Old Bay container!

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