Plants for a Prettier, Healthier Bedroom: Jasmine

Jasmine (Scientific Name: Jasminum)

Jasmine’s pretty white flowers make it a very attractive accent plant.  But that’s not its only attribute.  It is considered the best plant for relaxation.  Its sweet scent is commonly used in essential oil for relaxation.  In a German study, Jasmine’s fragrance was shown to actually improve quality of sleep and increase chances of waking up with a better attitude and reduced levels of anxiety.

A potted Jasmine makes an attractive bedroom plant.  Keep on the windowsill and water it regularly while in bloom.  During non-flowering periods, you can let the top of the soil dry out slightly to avoid over watering.

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    • The vivero on hwy. 307 near the north end of the arco vial in Playa del Carmen has jasmine. The type I have blooms on and off all year.

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