Museo Maya de Cancun

Museo Maya de CancunMuseo Maya de Cancún y Zona Arqueológica de San Miguelito

If you are looking for a great  day-trip, take a drive straight up 307 to the Cancún Hotel Zone. You won’t believe what you’ll find just behind the parking lot of the Omni Resort.

Permanent collections as well as a temporary collection of Maya artifacts are beautifully displayed in this very large new museum. At this time, the indoor displays are described in Spanish, but the staff is working on English translations. There are large information boards throughout the tour that tell the details of historical events. The fact that this museum and archeological ruin has been a secret for some of us for so long is a bit sad.   And as you stroll through the ruins of the Maya village, you see modern resorts towering on all sides — it is just an amazing adventure!  And there is a display of several small crucifixes from the Akumal area, probably from the shipwreck of El Mantancero.

museo maya de cancun


Amazing how so many artifacts are left right out in the open
Amazing how so many artifacts are left right out in the open


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