Mayan Home & Garden Club Tip for March 2019

Ox-Eye Daisy

The yellow creeping Ox-eye Daisy (Wedelia or Sphagneticola trilobata) is a hearty and durable ground cover. Once established, it thrives in the heat and sun and grows quickly to a height of 8-12” (30 cm).
Here in the warm Yucatan it is constantly covered with yellow flowers and will grow on rock or sand. It is salt tolerant and can become invasive if not controlled. It makes a great ground cover to keep down the weeds that grow in the rainy season.
It is native to this area and is best used in areas that need a ground cover and have a lot of room to grow. It propagates by spreading and also by cuttings, rather than by seed.
It is recommended in a large area that needs a ground cover or in an area that is raised or controlled in some way.

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