Akumal Foodie Lunches at Lunita

This Foodie had a wonderful lunch with four friends at Lunita. We began with sweet potato fries and a heaping dish of guacamole, more than enough for five of us to share. Sitting by the ocean makes La Lunita so very special. Very romantic for dinner, under the stars.

We all chose different items from the varied menu, with all thoroughly enjoying our meals. I had the shrimp and bacon tacos — crispy bacon, lightly fried shrimp with a sauce with just enough heat to pull it all together. One friend had the fresh tuna tostadas that were so large, she took one “para llevar”. Another friend had the beef skewers over mashed potatoes and raved about them. She also took home a good share of her meal. The chile relleno was another choice. Stuffed with shrimp, it was open faced and not rolled in batter. Like me, she did not take anything home. Finally, my last lunch mate had fresh fish, lightly floured, topped with a peanut sauce, over rice noodles with thinly sliced vegetables.

We were all happily full and opted not to have dessert. However, in a former article the Foodies sampled desserts in the late afternoon with a glass of Prosecco. Decadent. How can you go wrong?

The restaurant is open from 1pm until 10pm; closed Sundays. Reservations can be made by calling 984 -875-9070 and are suggested during high season and holiday times.
The wine list is very good and the restaurant has a fully stocked bar. Service is friendly and efficient. An enjoyable dining experience.

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