May Dates to Remember

May Dates to Remember - Taurus
Taurus April 21 – May 21
Taurus the Bull is an autumn constellation, and can best be viewed during the month of December.
May Dates to Remember - Gemini
Gemini May 21 – June 21
Gemini the Twins is a winter constellation, and can best be viewed during the month of January.
















Birthdays and Anniversaries

1    Mónica Estrada and Juan Antonio Huerta, Anniversary
2    Sandra Titze, Birthday
2    Steve & Heather DePaola, Anniversary
2    Diane Daniell, Birthday
4    Russ & Stephanie Motley, Anniversary
4    Kai White – Brown, Birthday
4    Dylan Vladimir Chan Tec, Birthday
5    Michele Meyer Correa, Birthday
5    Susan & Macon Gravlee, Anniversary
5    Dean & Alison Keegan, Anniverary
7    Steve & Ingrid Clouther, Anniversary
10    Memo & Marcy Essy, Anniversary
11    Yijie Zhuo Dooley, Birthday
12    Chris Firth, Birthday
14    Lucas Kai Schober Thai, Birthday
15    Karl & Dawn Shubert, Anniversary
16    Steve and Kathleen Cole, Anniversary
16    Dave Bliss, Birthday
18    Derek Firth, Birthday
18    Bob & Sherwood Anders, Anniversary
19    John & Shaileen Rounds, Anniversary
20    Monika Titze, Birthday
21    Jissou VanderElst, Birthday
22    Max Danger DeAngelis, Birthday
27    Crayton Walker, Birthday
27    Nance & Crayton Walker, Anniversary
30    Erin Dooley, Birthday
31    Terry Fredette, Birthday


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