International Festival of Lights Returns to Yucatán

The event  will commence in the Yucatán capital on Nov. 24 for a four-night run. The festival will then move to Valladolid for another four nights of light art from Dec. 1 before concluding with a three-night program in Tekax, a small city in Yucatán’s southwestern corner.

Festival-goers can expect to see innovative and awe-inspiring uses of light in the various works, which include light sculptures, projection mapping onto buildings and laser projections.  A total of 27 luminous works will be on display, including “Museum of the Moon” by British artist Luke Jerram, “Global Rainbow” by U.S. artist Yvette Mattern, “Pájaro Toh” by Mexican artist Miguel Bolívar and “Intrude” by Australian artist Amanda Parer.


Maps showing the different locations where the works will be on display in Mérida, Valladolid and Tekax are available on the Filux website. Organizers recommend that people attend the festival on two different nights to ensure they have the time to see everything.

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