Indoor Growing: Surprising Benefits of Houseplants

It’s pretty rare to meet someone who does not like a beautiful garden. The bougainvillea and hibiscus add a colorful touch to any garden. Let’s not forget the oleander and flamboyant that not only draw our attention with their beautiful flowers but also stretch out their limbs to provide some welcome shade on a hot sunny day. As do the palm trees on a relaxing day at the beach.

But, one should not overlook the beauty and benefits of the indoor garden. In fact, research suggests that some plants, when grown indoors, can bring important benefits to our environment. For example:

They can help keep the moisture in the air at a healthier level. An important thing when the AC that keeps us cool dries our indoor air a bit too much.

Many furnishings and building materials release toxins into the air which results in “sick building syndrome”. According to a NASA study, houseplants can help significantly reduce indoor air pollutants.

Houseplants reduce mold and bacteria in your home by absorbing them through their roots and breaking them down. Dust in the air? Indoor plants have been shown to reduce those as well … by up to 20%.

Need to improve the acoustics or reduce noise? Chances are adding plants will help with that as well by providing a similar effect as adding carpet to a room.

And most importantly, in my mind at least, various studies have shown that being in the presence of plants can not only make us happy, but it can also help alleviate our stress and reduce blood pressure in just a few minutes. According to a study by the University of Michigan, working in the presence of plants increases concentration and productivity.

Now, some of the best indoor plants to purify the air in your home:  Snake Plant, Pothos, Dracaena, ZZ Plant, Spider Plant, Rubber Tree, Bird’s Nest Fern, Peace Lily, Philodendron, and Aloe Vera.

 Information on each of these plants will appear in future issues of AkumalNow.

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