Azulik Uh May: The Art of Sargasso

My friend Sharon said we had to visit Azulik Uh May, off the Cobá Road in Tulum. We are always going on adventures and this was one of our best!  Although it’s out in the middle of nowhere, being the adventurous souls we are we headed right out.
In a way, it is hard to describe this museum.  Outside of the wormhole-like tunnel entrance, there are five very large rocks, each over 5′ tall, burning copal.
You enter the tunnel and follow it through and it turns into a walkway over water.  Once outside the dome, you are asked to remove your shoes to continue.  You might want to bring socks if you have sensitive feet. A t this point in time, there is no entrance fee.

We entered and walked around in awe. It’s a museum of sorts, with limited sculptures but no art on the walls.  It is constructed of natural materials.  All the wood is Sargassum roots, and you can see how easily it forms into these fantastic patterns.  Trees grow within the dome and music plays in the background.  There are areas to sit, low with pillows.  There are a couple of really fantastic rooms that have different types of art – you have to see it to enjoy it.  I won’t spoil it for you.
This was a calming, interesting experience and I was happy I could share it with Sharon.




If you are interested in going, here are the directions:
Follow Rt. 307 south until you reach the intersection of the Cobá Road, at the Aki Supermarket.
Turn right at the lights and follow for 22 km (13.67 miles).
Turn left onto Camino Blanco.  There is a store on the corner called El Paradero.  The road starts out okay but quickly disintegrates into pot holes and dirt.  Follow for 2.1 km (1.30 miles).

You will see a sign for the complex, up high on your left.  Take the left and drive 600 meters.  You have arrived!
There is a cute, small restaurant on your right before the guard stop.  The guard will tell you where to park.
The complex opens at noon and closes st 6 pm daily.
You can check out their websute at

On your way home, don’t forget to stop at the honey store and see Wilber.  Tell him Shirley says hi.

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