Fraud at the ATM!

Last week at the Cibanco ATM at the Puerto Aventuras Chedraui mall, a young guy tried to scam me after I had completed my transaction.   As I opened the ATM door, he asked if the machine was working. I answered yes. I walked towards Chedraui. He called me back and said I had not completed my transaction and my account was still open. I knew I did complete my transaction.
 I called him a liar and said I’d be posting this on social media. As I got closer to the store, I saw him leave the mall, out the door to the left.
This same guy scammed a friend of mine 2 weeks ago.  He tells you that your account is open and offers to help with your card. He then switches cards with you. She realized it in the car and called her bank. He had already tried twice to get into her account without any luck.
He young, about 6 feet tall, polite, nicely dressed, full sleeve tattoos, a slight accent, almost British. A small ponytail.
— thanks to S.

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