Indoor Growing: Bird’s-Nest Fern

Bird’s-Nest Fern   a.k.a. Crow’s Nest Fern (Scientific name: Asplenium nidus)

The bird’s-nest fern gets its name from the nest-like crown out of which its ripple-edged fronds grow.  It prefers a humid environment with medium to low indirect light.  The more light your fern gets, the more crinkled the leaves will be, while lower light will result in flatter leaves.  Too much light will cause the fronds to yellow and die.

In its natural habitat, the bird’s-nest fern typically grows on tree trunks or buildings.  Although as an indoor plant it is normally grown in a container, it can also be affixed to a plank and hung on a wall.

Ideally, ferns prefer consistently moist, but not wet, soil.  However, the bird’s-nest fern is a little more forgiving, requiring a lower level of humidity and will even tolerating soil that dries out from time to time.

The bird’s-nest fern is a lovely hanging houseplant which has been shown to clean indoor air by filtering formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

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