House Guest Rules

I have house guests, Sue & Art, who are staying with me for seven weeks.   I have a nice guest room with its own private bathroom.   Now, I know you are all going to gasp and say, fish and house guests stink after three days.  Well, in this case, they are the exception and the best people you would want to stay with you.

We use my car, so they pay for all the gas, their choice.  We split the cost of food and drink, not only in the condo, but when we eat out.  This year’s gift was an echo dot and they also deposited money into my checking account to pay for electric bills.  In countless ways, they make sure they are the best, and will always be invited back.

Here are a few basic rules and that can make your stay pleasant for everyone —

♦ Your host has a life, friends and routine outside of your visit.

♦  Never assume you are invited … wait for an invitation.

♦  Be generous with your time and money.  Do the dishes, make your bed, take your host out to dinner once in awhile, buy groceries.

♦  It might be your vacation, but it’s not a vacation for your host.  It’s expensive to have guests, especially those who want to dine out all the time or sightsee.  How many times do I need to visit the Tulum ruins?

♦   Gas is expensive in Mexico and if your host is driving you in their car,  fill the tank.

♦ Electricity is expensive in Mexico as well.  Don’t leave unnecessary lights on or run the AC when not in your room.

If you follow the rules, you will be asked to return.  We live in paradise and like to share with our friends. Be the one who gets invited back.



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