Hekab Be Biblioteca Celebrates 20 Years

Hekab Be Biblioteca 20th Anniversary

Hekab Be Biblioteca

Congratulations to a wonderful jewel in our community!  The Hekab Be Biblioteca is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!  This collection of brightly painted buildings on the entrance road to Akumal holds treasures for young and old, locals and tourists.  The library was started as a way to supplement education for the children and families of the pueblo by offering a variety of classes, including English.  Over the years it has become a place for vacationing children and adults as well, with a wonderful selection of books in several languages.

Thanks to the help and compassion of many artists, teachers, locals, and tourists. the library is totally self-supporting.  Donations are always appreciated — perhaps a suitcase full of school supplies or gently used novels and children’s books.  Donations are raised locally by the annual Silent Auction (this year on May 1st at LolHa), the Library Angels program, bazaars, and the ever-present table of sale books.

Very special donations come from all over the world in the form of visitors who share their knowledge and experiences with the children — divers, pet lovers, authors, dance instructors, yoga enthusiasts, artists, historians . . . Saturday and summer programs are scheduled, along with the regular weekly classes, so those who’d like interact with the children can stop by to make arrangements with the library director.

Anne Gayley Gabbert is the Hekab Be library director.  She has taught school in the Akumal pueblo and knows the children and families well.  She would love for you to stop by to use the facilities and volunteer your time if you can.

Check out http://www.hekabbe.blogspot.mx/



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