Tequilaville Art Show Recap

On Sunday, April 13, Tequilaville held an art show for a native artist.

Efrain Cetz (aka “Chino”) was born in Tabi, Yucatan, and is a self-taught wood carver.  His subject matter is heavily influenced by the teachings of his grandfather, a traditional Maya.  Beginning when he was a boy, Chino has produced hundreds of masks and plaques over the years. He is now considered by many to be one of the finest wood carvers in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Chino’s wife Amelia is from the village of Kankabdznot.  She credits her aunt and grandmother with her early interest in embroidery. Recently, she has begun painting Chino’s carvings with stains that she creates from natural pigments, such as achiote, chalk, and charcoal.  The subtle shades she achieves complement Chino’s exquisitely detailed carving and contribute to making his pieces true works of art.

Chino and Amelia displayed their work at an Exhibition and Sale at Tequilaville, Sunday, April 13, 2014.  If he comes back to town we will let you know on via our calendar.  He did, however, leave many pieces behind for longer term display (and sale).  If you are interested drop by and ask Ken to show them to you.

Below are a few photographs of a few of his carvings and the event.


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