Gas Station Scams – Still!

In case you missed it earlier, AkumalNow received this comment.  Same old, same old.  It serves as a reminder that some things don’t change around here.


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that this scam is unfortunately still running at the PEMEX outside of Cancun Airport. Similar to many people, my wife and I arrived at the gas station, I purchased $30 USD of gas and handed over my Amex which I was informed: “was declined”. I found that quite strange because I’d been using it all week in Tulum without issues. The gas station attendant then proceeded to try running 4 other cards. After all my cards were “declined”, he ran my Amex again and the transaction was finally accepted. When he was running my Chase Debit card, I noticed that he put the machine above the car roof (outside of my view). Not seeing the machine and my card raised my suspicion. When I returned home, I checked my Chase debit and sure enough, there was a $300+ USD fraudulent transaction on the account from Cancun (where I only purchased gas).

Please stay away from this gas station at all costs and spread the word about their fraudulent activities!


Not only, but also . . .

With the initiation of the new $500 peso bill, the switch-bills scam has been made easier.  Two bills, same color, same Benito Juarez — c’mon people, what were you thinking? An employee at the new Gulf station outside Akumal tried it on a local resident, but failed.

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